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    Save water with us. Washing your car at home wastes water and is harmful to the environment. We are proud to say that we recycle 90% of the water used in every wash. Per wash, we actually only use approximately 12 gallons of fresh water... less than a standard residential washing machine. Of this small amount of fresh water used, four gallons are lost to evaporation and carry-out, and only eight gallons make their way to the sewer.

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Did you know?

You might be using up to 140 gallons of fresh water to wash your car at home.

Mountain View Express Car Wash saves water with a state-of-the-art filtration system which recycles 90% of the water used on each and every wash. 

Washing your car at home can spread harmful chemicals into rivers, lakes and streams through storm drains that are actually designed only for rainwater. Alarmingly, this damages aquatic life and our ecosystem. 

Mountain View's  eco-friendly chemicals are all biodegradable and our water never goes down the storm drain.


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Who We Are

We at Mountain View Car Wash would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website. We take pride in our business and want to share more about it with you. Were you aware that we do more than just wash cars? We have a variety of services tailored to your lifestyle and needs; including complete detailing, high tech wax and buffing, floor and upholstery cleaning and tire shining. Mountain View Car Wash... your one stop for car maintenance with complete oil & lube services and even state inspections at our Express locations. To learn more about our services, please browse our website. We hope you will find that we are here to serve you.
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Mountain View Car Wash 369 North Mountain Avenue Upland
California 91786

(909) 920-4152
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Monday - Sunday 8am-6pm

Monday - Sunday 8am-5pm
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